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#HairAidHeroes brings together Hair Aid’s global community of supporters enabling critical work to support people facing poverty and hardship across the globe.

When you join #HairAidHeroes, you are supporting Hair Aid’s two core functions:

1.    International Projects - sending teams of hairdressers to poverty-stricken areas in developing countries to           teach people hairdresssing skills so they can set up their own micro-business. 

2.    Community Cuts – providing free haircuts to support people in our communities who need a helping hand.​

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What do I get? 


By joining #HairAidHeroes, you’re joining other like-minded businesses who want to make a difference for our world one haircut at a time. 

Not only will you be recognised on Hair Aid’s website, you will also get exclusive access to upcoming events such as retreats, induction trips and our international projects.

*We will be launching new retreat details in January 2021 and you won’t want to miss out!


I’ve joined, what’s next?  


Firstly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining #HairAidHeroes. 

Soon, you will receive an introductory letter welcoming you to the #HairAidHeroes community. With this letter, you will also receive: 


  • social media tiles, including social media messaging

  • Facebook banners

  • a digital sticker for your website

  • a social media content calendar

  • a poster for display in your salon

  • a window decal/bumper sticker which will be mailed to you directly

We will continue to communicate with you over the coming months to ensure you are supported in getting the word out about #HairAidHeroes. 

Your details will be collected as a part of the donation process which will automatically join you to #HairAidHeroes. 

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