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#HairAidHeroes is the platform that helps those in the hair and beauty industry give back to our own colleagues in times of need

Our focus this month to supporting our sisters and brothers in the hair and beauty industry affected by the Victorian lockdown. 


Donate here to help. Giving back to the industry that gives so much

Don't want to add a donation button to your POS?


That's ok! We’ve done the hard work for you and created a few options for once off or monthly donations. Choose from options listed here.

 To help share the word with your clients we have created  window decals and / or car bumper stickers  to sure to capture the attention of your customers. These will be posted to you once you sign up. 

Ready to make a change? Now you can help Victorian hairdressers impacted by the lockdowns by donating to Hair Aid – with all donations going directly to supporting Victorian Hair and Beauty salons and staff. 

With your support Hair Aid Heroes provides direct support our fellow Victorian salons through this trying time and extended lockdown periods.

Through your POS (Shortcuts and Kitomba), you can add a tiny donation to each client’s service to support such a worthwhile cause helping so many of our wonderful Victorian salons.

All of the funds donated will be converted into vouchers for Victorian hairdressers under financial stress.

It’s donations like this, no matter how small, that enable Hair Aid to continue changing the lives of people suffering. Even just $.50c can make a change in someone’s life!

Together, we can all make a difference.