International Projects

I’m very excited to share the upcoming projects with you! There’s a lot of information contained in here so you might need a cup of tea!

Firstly, let me share what we do!


Our international projects are where volunteer hairdressers, nail technicians and other passionate volunteers (like you!) join us in teaching slum and street people in developing countries how to cut hair and do manicures and pedicures.


These people are living in critical poverty and have no access to skill training, nor any money to do training even if they were able to. 

Hair Aid has developed a five-day training plan that trained more than 5,000 people with great success! Each project is five days long and runs Monday to Friday.  

Once this skill is learned the people Hair Aid has trained can go on and create their own micro-business, immediately earning money to support themselves and their families. Hair Aid gifts each of our trainee's scissor kits and/or a manicure kit (depending on which skill they learned) so they can begin earning money straight away with the skills they’ve been taught. 

Below is a list of the next few projects coming up – and the cost. These costs covers seven nights accommodation and other associated costs of the project (team uniforms, on the ground transport during the project, logistics, project insurance, administration, community fees, translator costs, local/in-country staff expenses/transportation/uniform expenses, location inspections, government paperwork requirements, graduation celebration costs, resource purchases). You’ll need to book and pay for your own flights and pay for your own private medical insurance (mandatory), and your food and drink during the project. Food/drink usually $30 a day.  All other costs are included.

Each volunteer raises their own costs to attend, and this can be done via fundraising, under the Hair Aid Charity, or you can choose to pay your own costs. If you are planning on fundraising, Hair Aid can send information with some ideas of what to do.   


Manila. We’ve been working in Manila for the last 9 ½ years. In January 2020 we will celebrate our 10th Year anniversary working there.  In this country, we work with people living in critically poor conditions. We worked right in the heart of their street and slum communities. You’ll experience how they live their daily lives, and you’ll be working in a team of 20+ other volunteers. We work in and around Quezon City.  In all our projects the entire team stays at the same accommodation, and then each small project team travels out today locations daily. Teams of two or three hairdressers and beauticians work together in each location. The cost for this project is $AUD1,800 ($USD1,300) plus flights. 

We will be going to Manila on these dates:

29th June - 3rd July 2020       *sign up here for this project*

18th - 22nd January 2021       *sign up here for this project*

Cambodia Induction Trip.  This one is a bit different! It’s called an “Induction Trip” not a project, as it’s not what we typically do on a project, rather it is designed to give you the experience and the taste of a Hair Aid project, while still sharing your skills and teaching our previous trainees. We spend four days prior to the full Cambodia project on a small tour. Here’s what’s included: walk through a slum community seeing homes and schools where trainee lives, visit an orphanage to provide free hair cuts for children, attend a dance performance from school students, evening City tour: Independent monument, Diamond and Night Markets, evening boat cruise. On day two experience a Monk Blessing from a Buddhist Monk, lunch at the local restaurant served by rescued youth, visit a community and tour through. Attend a local orphanage then some free time hotel for rest and then dinner at a local restaurant. Day three visit to the Peace Sewing rooms and local artisan stores then visiting ladies trained before by previous Hair Aid teams.  On the last day visit the Killing fields and S1 before lunch.  The trip finishes then and you can either extend your visit with your own private travel plans OR travel home OR join our Hair Aid project team that begins the next day. The cost for this project is $ AUD2,500 ($USD1,760) plus flights. Accommodation includes five nights shared accommodation 3.5+ star, shared rooms, breakfast included.  All hotel transfers, all tours and guides, donation at school, river cruise dinner night one, Monk Blessing, all on ground transport and Hair Aid T-shirts.

The Induction Trip only happens once a year:

20th – 23rd February 2020        *sign up here for this trip*

3rd – 6th February 2021             *sign up here for this trip*

Additional options that most people do!

Cambodia: This project is immediately after the Cambodia Induction trip in February as well as in September every year. In February we work in Siem Reap and in September we work in Phnom Penh. Our work here is with ladies rescued from the sex trade drug gangs or the mafia as well as older youth rescued from trafficking and single mothers. These people have either been rescued by other organizations and are kept safe and secure houses and locations or are being supported by organizations committed to providing a safe place to recover and live.  We work with these organizations to teach the trainees how to cut five basic haircuts.  We also do some tours of the local community areas to see some of the appalling living conditions some of these people have lived in prior to being rescued.  The cost for this project is $AUD1,800 ($USD1,300) plus flights.

24th – 28th February 2020         *sign up here for this project*

14th – 18th September 2020      *sign up here for this project*

8th – 12th February 2021           *sign up here for this project*

Indonesia. Here we work with diverse communities in Bali. People in wheelchairs, deaf, ladies who live and work in the dump, as well as inside the women’s prison. The cost for this project is $AUD1,800 ($USD1,300) plus flights.

21st  – 25th  September 2020    *sign up here for this project*

15th  – 19th  March 2021          *sign up here for this project*

13th  – 17th  September 2021    *sign up here for this project*

Thailand. Working with refugees from the bordering countries, rescued trafficked women, saved women of the night and older orphans that no longer can stay in orphanages due to their age as well as solo mothers with no trade fills our training here. In March each year, our teams work in Chiang Mai, and in September Pattaya, the sex capital of Thailand. Many women need to learn a new skill to take them away from prostitution, or drug selling. The cost for this project is $AUD2,000 ($USD1,760) plus flights.

2nd – 6th March 2020              *sign up here for this project*

28th Sept – 2nd Oct 2020          *sign up here for this project*

8th March – 12th March 2021   *sign up here for this project*

So, that’s a little bit about the projects.   

For each project, you will be required to be there on Sunday before the project starts for training and can leave any time after Friday at 7 pm.  You can also extend your stay if you wanted some personal travel time before or after the project.

Hair Aid is always looking for volunteer hairdressers to come on these projects!  In fact, we can’t do it without you!    

If the projects aren’t for you right now, fill in your details here and this will keep you on the database, and stay connected on updates about new projects as these are planned.

Here's a podcast that Tabatha Coffey and Selina, the CEO of Hair Aid, just did recently, if you got some time, please listen to it, it will tell you exactly where can expect on a  Hair Aid project.

If you would just like some more info, complete your details here or email

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