Hair Aid projects need volunteers to help do a number of things!

Firstly, we’d love if you could donate some time to be a Hair Aid Community Cuts Coordinator in your local community.  This would mean you would coordinate with a local organization where Hair Aid volunteers will provide free haircuts every six weeks to those in need. You’d be responsible for communicating with Hair Aid management, the community organization, Hair Aid volunteers and looking after the Hair Aid Community Cuts kit. We’d also need you to wash the Hair Aid t-shirts, and make sure the resources in the kit are satisfactory. We’d need you to go along to the Hair Aid Community Cuts events too, once every six weeks.


If this sounds like you, please email Selina and set up a time to chat! Selina@hairaid.org.au

Secondly, we need more Hair Aid Community Cuts volunteers. Being a volunteer in your community means you will be able to donate 2 – 3 hours, every six weeks, to a local community organization in your area.  Hair Aid Community Cuts offers free haircuts to homeless, youth, indigenous, domestic violence sufferers, migrants and those in the hospital that might benefit from a free haircut to improve their situation. 


If you are able to donate 2 – 3 hours, every six weeks can you please fill in your details here

Yes! I would like to donate my time to Hair Aid!