Hair Aid Trainees
MJ Mangampo, Trainee - Manila


I'm MJ Mangampo from the Philippines, 28 years old.

I give short story how Hair Aid changed my life and how Hair Aid give me encouragement to show to other trainees "people" that I can be a good hair dresser someday.

Naomi Quintos, Trainee - Manila

Naomi Quintos was once a Hair Aid trainee in Manila but now she is earning money from the skill. 

"Thank you so much Hair Aid trainers to teach us different techniques in hair cutting we will miss you guys. So proud to be a Hair Aid trainees." -Naomi Quintos

Chris 1.jpg
Chris Dela Cruz, Trainee - Manila

HAIR AID is not only capable of making everyone look good and feel good because of the amazing talents of its members but also helps people earn money for a living.

As a part of it I'm very thankful and grateful.This group helps me a lot and because of this, I'm willing to share what I learned to other people so that they will be able to help their families while making every clients beautiful....

Marchita Magpantay Caparros, Trainee - Manila

''im one who train of your team here in the philliphines im very happy and i know all graduate in hairaid trainees are happy too becouse of new skills..i want to thanks all you done for me im 59 yrs of age but you give me a chance to do cutting hair ..up to now im happy to go any where doing freehaircut i love this outreach program...thank you hairaid god bless....''

Joan .jpg
Joan B. Dusit, Trainee Manila

I'm one of the trained Hair Aid team here in Philippines, my first day of training I was nervous because I didn't speak English well, but I enjoy the 5 days training I cope with and enjoy 5 days training I learned and now i'm happy to volunteer ..
I'm happy to share with other people what I learned from hair aid.

Thank you so much Hair Aid Team 

Thank you to my Trainor Kelsey...