What we do

Hair Aid has two main projects: International projects and Hair Aid Community Cuts (HACCs)

International projects:

Hair Aid’s first mission is to recruit and send volunteer hairdressers, from all around the world, to overseas locations to provide free haircutting training for people living in critical poverty.

Our teams work directly with people living on the street, or slum communities, or with ladies rescued from the sex trade and prostitution gangs.

Our volunteer hairdressers teach our five-day hair cutting course, that gives the skill to cut five basic haircuts. This skill can then be used to start a micro-business and create an income to support themselves and their families.

We do this work in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia. In 2021 our projects will expand to Vietnam.

Hair Aid Community Cuts (HACCs):

Hair Aid’s second mission is to recruit and coordinate volunteer hairdressers to work with organizations in their local community (support organizations, churches, community groups, etc) that support those in our own communities that need a hand.

Our teams work with community groups, charities, government organizations and/or church groups that support homeless, domestic violence sufferers, migrants or those just in suffering at a time of crisis. 


Our teams provide free haircuts, for 2 – 3 hours every six weeks at their local Hair Aid Community Cuts event.