Hair Aid Team January 2015

Bernie Craven

Hair Project Leader and Business owner


Selina Tomasich

Project Leader and entrepreneur.

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Hair Aid

Changing lives through teaching others

Hair Aid is not for profit organisation that focuses on providing hair cutting training in order to provide livelihood skills to low-income individuals and families in Quezon City Manilla.

This initiative is designed to create the opportunity for street families and people living in shanty towns and slum areas in Quezon City Manilla to learn a livelihood skill that can be used immediately after the five day training program to earn money.




Hair Cutting Skills Livelihood Empowerment Program

The work Hair Aid does has been set up to give homeless and economically disadvantaged individuals a hand-up to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. Hair Aid Inc. benefits participants by offering a free five day Livelihood Empowerment Program based around learning hair cutting skills.  By engaging and participating in a training program participants are empowered.

Our focus this month is on planning for the 20th -30th June 2015 trip to the Philippines.  Currently we are seeking up to eight (8) hairdressers to service the number of participants expected.

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Hair Aid

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The mission of Hair Aid is to alleviate unemployment for community members from shanty towns and people who live on the street in Quezon City, Manilla. Hair Aid sends qualified hairdressers to facilitate a five day haircutting program, up to six times a year.  Through a network of agencies Hair Aid provides opportunities for self-sufficiency of the participants after training.  Hair Aid’s services include a five day training program, post project support and communication and hair cutting resources such as scissors, combs, capes and other general hair cutting tools..

Establish a network of hair dressing suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, and salons globally to contribute required resources

Establish hair dressing connections globally that support the vision of Hair Aid

Hair Aid - working to change lives of those less fortunate.